Film delivery simplified.

Filmflow is a new deliverables fulfillment service with transparent pricing, end-to-end status tracking, and fast turnaround.

You're a boutique post facility or freelance colorist that wants to focus on the creative aspects of post while still offering your clients robust delivery options.

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How it works

Once you're rendered out a master of your project, send it to us. We'll create DCPs, DSMs, DCDMs, IMF packages, mezzanine files, HDCAM SR video tapes, CCSLs, CineCanvas subtitles, Blu-ray screeners, H.264 encodes, LTO data tapes, and the myriad of other formats modern digital delivery requires.

We offer our services to partners at 20% below list price. You can bill your clients for them at the rates you choose, or simply hand clients off to us for the delivery stage of a project, and we'll pay you 20% of their invoice total.

Our custom delivery pipeline allows us to produce deliverables significantly faster than traditional post facilities, at lower cost. We can create a typical set of digital deliverables in five business days. Rocket takeoff

End-to-end tracking

Delivering a film doesn't have to mean frustrating searches though email or late-night phone calls to track down critical last-minute elements. We've built a custom web app that tracks every aspect of the delivery process, from digital media files and the hard drives they ship on to legal paperwork and promotional materials.


Your clients will be able to see a color-coded overview of the delivery schedules associated with their film, or the full status history of every deliverable and media item. The app can track delivery progress across multiple schedules, and even alows paperwork deliverables to be uploaded inline, instead of sent as a mess of email attachments.

Project progress display screenshot
Major Post Facility A $32,787
Major Post Facility B $28,620
Major Post Facility C $25,591
Filmflow $10,325

Typical prices for full delivery according to a delivery schedule provided by a major distributor, based on data sourced from actual price quotes.

Transparent pricing


Our pricing model is simple and straightforward, and our prices are public. Really. They're on this web site. You can look right now. See a live price estimate as you configure your custom package, then export it as as PDF.

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